BizTalk360’s Kabali…Da…day !

Published on : Jul 27, 2016

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The team has been working really hard for 3 of our major releases since March this year which were officially announced by our CEO Saravana Kumar during the INTEGRATE 2016 event. While our 3 products; BizTalk360 v8.1, BizTalk360 Cloud beta and ServiceBus360 beta are shaping up for the final launch of the products, the team needed a break, but no one was really thinking about that. Their focus was fully on product delivery, and some of the days were intense and stressful and wrapping up the final touches that were necessary for the release. That is when I received an email from our CEO asking me to plan for team’s lunch and Kabali movie. Suddenly everyone was excited about the Kabali movie, but then the challenge was to get tickets for the entire team. Thanks to Vel & Goutham for arranging the tickets on the 5th day after the release of the movie.

Lunch @ Grand Regent

The first thing is food ! The team was preparing themselves to whistle, scream and yell. The food was awesome, they had a huge variety of food, live grill, fresh salads and yummy deserts at the end to satisfy the sweet tooth! Jokes were made, a serious person in our team Arunkumar was making some jokes, Sriram started lunch with deserts, whereas our new comer Uma, she took a break in between with desert and then continued with the main course, Sivanraj was making fun of me trying only vegetables and salads, and Parthiban was making jokes about veggies are for girls and Mekala was happy that it wasn’t one of her fasting days where she can’t eat meat. It was total fun filled lunch. Of course these days, it will be an incomplete lunch if there were no photo sessions and selfie sessions 🙂 below is the glimpse of our lunch treat. team outing


After the lots of selfies and photo sessions it was time to leave for the movie and the team started to city mall. The movie was scheduled at 3:00 PM and we had almost 45 minutes break before the movie. And not surprisingly, the girls grabbed this opportunity for some window shopping at mall. We were in the line and after much waiting, the movie KABALI started with scream and claps. The special screamer award goes to new comer, Uma. Each member of team was passing jokes all around during the movie, which made even the other audience members laugh. "kabali


Everyone enjoyed every moment of the day, and it was the time for the curtain to fall on an amazing day. It was a much needed break for everyone of us, and we thank our CEO for asking us to take this break with lunch and the movie. What I witnessed is not just a get together, or a break, or just a fun filled day, but it was encouraging to see the lighter side of the team members who were creating products using cutting edge technology in our organization. Their mind was so free, and enjoying every bit of the moment. I can clearly relate, anything my team does, they do it with passion and with joy. This wasn’t just a get together, or an event, it was a celebration. Celebration of our team for what we have achieved and what are going to do in the coming days. #magizhchi