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Prerequisites to upgrade to BizTalk360 v8.2

Published on : Jan 23, 2017

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Mohan Nagaraj


Planning your upgrade

Because new features are introduced in each release of BizTalk360, you must understand these features and their associated upgrade requirements to evaluate how they might impact your current configuration. You are less likely to encounter issues, if you are upgrading from the most recent version of BizTalk360.

General upgrade approach

  1. Review the Release Notes for your BizTalk360 upgrade target release
  2. Understand any requirements for upgrading to the target release from your existing version
  3. Note any potential behaviour changes to your environment after the upgrade
  4. Create a database backup of the BizTalk360 database, in the unlikely event that you need to revert or downgrade to the earlier version that was running on your system before the upgrade
Apart from the above mentioned guidelines for smooth installation, for customers using BizTalk360 in offline mode (i.e., without being connected to the internet) when upgrading to v8.2, you need to follow certain procedures for smooth installation and proper loading of the BizTalk360 UI after the upgrade.

Notification of new BizTalk360 versions

In v8.2 we introduced a feature in the BizTalk360 dashboard that will automatically check for version upgrades when you are connected to the internet. This feature notifies the user when a new version is available by displaying a Notification Icon next to the Support Icon in the top right corner of the screen. By clicking the icon, you can read the release notes and download the latest MSI.

No internet access from BizTalk360 server

For this feature to work seamlessly, BizTalk360 has to be connected to the internet. Many organizations have restricted internet access on their premises due to various security reasons. In such cases, the upgrade may not be successful and lead to UI loading failures. Undefined UI error biztalk360 upgrade prerequisites To suppress this issue, we have created the following workaround. BLOB URL is not required when there is no internet connection available.  Incase your firewall blocks access, we need to follow below steps:
      1. Place the attached BizTalk360.Latest.txt file in the BizTalk360 Web folder BizTalk360.Latest.txt
      2. In web.config change the BLOBURL in the app settings as below
        <add key="BlobURL" value="http://localhost/BizTalk360/"/>
        Change blob url - BizTalk360 upgrade prerequisites

Access to local storage

Another important prerequisite to do before installing v8.2 is allowing the user to have permission to the local storage in the browser. If the browser doesn’t have the permissions to the local storage, you will get the below error. error biztalk360 upgrade prerequisites You can do this by following the below steps for Internet Explorer:
  1. In Internet Explorer, click on Tools and Internet OptionsInternet Options - biztalk360 upgrade prerequisites
  2. Click on the Advanced tab, then scroll down to the Security section under Settings. Check the Enable DOM Storage box and click OK. Internet Options - biztalk360 upgrade prerequisites
Unless otherwise indicated, the additional prerequisites discussed in this blog apply only to BizTalk360 v8.2. For more information about BizTalk360 v8.2, see this blog and the Release Notes. try biztalk360 for free biztalk360 upgrade prerequisites