BizTalk360 Technical Support – A look back in 2018

Published on : Mar 14, 2019

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As the BizTalk360 technical support team, we receive support tickets from our customers through various channels. 2018 was, of course, a great year for the support team. We were not only involved in resolving the support tickets, but we were also involved in the Customer Relationship calls, Best Practice Installation and Configuration sessions and even some of the demos to the customers.

This makes us understand the customers’ expectations better and help in improving the product to cater to the needs of the customer. As the saying goes, ‘Every ending has a new beginning’, the end of 2018 has brought us new lessons and experiences with various customers and new processes. Every support case has a lesson in it, be it the customer scenario, their infrastructure settings or our way of troubleshooting the case, our responses. We make sure that we improve our support, thereby making our customers happy and working more efficiently.

We are happy to share the stats of the support cases handled by us in 2018. This is the result of our continuous hard work and dedication which has resulted in some really positive numbers in BizTalk360 Customer Support. Here are some statistics that we are happy to share. These statistics are taken from data provided by our customer support platform – Freshdesk.

  • 14.626 customer queries addressed in 2018
  • Tickets ranging across technical support, licensing and sales enquiries
  • The busiest month for the team was the month of October 2018. We received about 2132 support tickets.

  • We managed to respond to 97% of the tickets and resolve 87% of the tickets within the SLA
  • We resolved 76% of the tickets with just one response to the customer
  • We received support tickets on
    • Email
    • Support Portal
    • Feedback Portal

We make sure customer satisfaction is achieved and this can clearly be seen in the numbers for the SLA. Below are the rating and appreciation given by the customers.

Knowledge Sharing

Of course, in the software industry, it is all about teamwork and knowledge sharing. Yes, teamwork is involved in solving each and every support case. One member might analyse the case, the other may test it if required. In 2018, we have started the ‘Support Deliberation’ meetings for knowledge sharing. As an engineering team, not all the members will be involved in product support. Hence it is important that the support team members share their knowledge of the handled support cases, to the team. This will give insight to the team about the various customer scenarios that need to be known so that we can check for the same in our development and testing phases.

Introduction to DevOps practice

This is one of the major changes that happened during 2018. We involved ourselves in the development activities too, the next step in improvising the product to cater to the needs of the customers. The complete process is explained here. From the task planning to post-release validation, we follow all different steps in the process.

Best Practice Installation and Configuration sessions

This is a new initiative taken by the Client Relationship team to help our customers with the installation of BizTalk360 and provide them help in the basic configuration steps that are required for BizTalk360 to start monitoring your BizTalk environment.

This is a two-hour session where BizTalk360 is installed, important configurations are done and an overview of some of the important features of BizTalk360 is given. We also explain to them about some of the best practices that need to be followed in the alarm configuration, Advanced Event viewer setup, Data purging which may, in turn, affect the performance of the application. The knowledge our customers will obtain during this session will help them to get the most out of the product so that they can monitor their BizTalk environment efficiently.

In 2019

We have shifted from Agile to Kanban to record all our activities. We continuously strive to improve ourselves for providing better support thereby trying to resolve customer’s queries on time.

The most awaited event in the Microsoft Integration space, Integrate2019 is on the way. We have this event in two locations this year. The dates and venues are finalized, and the early bird offer ends by March 31st, 2019. You can check for the details here.


>>Which feature would you like to see coming in BizTalk360 in upcoming releases? <<

We would like to request you, our customers, so please take the time to fill this questionnaire. This helps us to prioritize the next upcoming feature tasks and will let us know what your main pain points are. In case of any queries, you can always write to, so that we can immediately get your queries answered and resolve the issues. Happy monitoring with BizTalk360!