BizTalk360 Support Team – A fresh perspective

Published on : Aug 25, 2016

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While BizTalk360 is no doubt an indispensable product for those using Microsoft BizTalk Server, little is spoken about the BizTalk360 support team. They are the pillars on which the customer experience is built and can make or break renewals or new orders as well. I have been in the company for only some time but have been steadily impressed by the support philosophy. When I started on this journey though, our support portal had a lot of tickets — lot of them more than 2 years old. Albeit some of them were resolved, some still needed closure. So we jumped in with a task of sorting through the clutter. We analysed the issues, had them marked as ‘Bugs’ or ‘New Feature Releases’ and got them into the user voice feedback portal. The idea is to collect all the customer, partner and community feedback in one place and ask people to vote for it. Without any reservations, my support team dived headlong into it, along with their regular support activities and at the end of a few weeks, here are the stats. These issues were all in 1 big bundle of ‘On Hold’ at the start and now, the statistics are as follows: BizTalk360 Support - CSAT Statistics
Conventional wisdom advocates the concept of “all hands support” –getting everyone into supporting customers so the entire team understands the customer’s problems.
This is actually practiced here, where even the CEO takes time to understand the pain points of the customer so that we can improve the product and customer experience. Take a few recent examples, when our developer Daniel, went over and above the call of duty staying back late to take a customer call and ended up re-installing IIS and the config page that was incorrectly installed by the customer’s technical team. Some of the support feedback we have received just in the last month are as below:
“Thanks for the support. That call was probably the best support call I’ve had in a long time so you can relay that back to Daniel “
John Goodman, author of Strategic Customer Service, describes support’s contribution as to “doing the right job right the first time.” Customer complaints, he says, should be seen as a source of learning, putting teams in a position to prevent future problems instead of just reacting to current ones. It’s better to meet customer expectations consistently than to exceed them every once in a while. BizTalk360 team always rise to the occasion and make sure our customers are given the highest level of support. The goal of BizTalk360 is to address the common challenges and make sure BizTalk applications can be supported by non-BizTalk people as much as possible. BizTalk360 Support team has recently added something extra to our support service and that is a feedback email at the end of the ticket to understand from the customer what were our good points and those that we need to improve upon. BizTalk360 Support - Survey Let’s say a quick hello and thanks to our lovely BizTalk360 support team! BizTalk360 Support - India team         BizTalk360 Support - UK Team