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BizTalk360 Customer Support — 2017 Achievement

Published on : Feb 8, 2018

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BizTalk360 Customer Support Statistics The stats are in. Our continuous striving for improvement and dedication have resulted in some really positive numbers in BizTalk360 Customer Support. Here’s some statistics that we are happy to share. These statistics are taken from data provided by our customer support platform – Freshdesk.
  • 5514 customer queries addressed in 2017
  • Tickets ranging across technical support, licensing and sales enquiries
  • The busiest month for the team was the month of May 2017. We received about 1300 support tickets.
  • We managed to respond to 97% of the tickets and resolve 84% of the tickets within the SLA
  • We resolved 73% of the tickets with just one response to the customer
  • Our top performing support agent was Praveena Jayanarayanan
  • We received support tickets on
    • Email
    • Support Portal
    • Feedback widget
  • 86% of our customers rated our support as awesome and were happy with the support offered to them

What’s coming in 2018?

Here’s what is expected from BizTalk360 in 2018 –
  1. Launch of two new products – Atomic Scope and Document360
  2. INTEGRATE 2018 – June 4 – 6 at etc.Venues, 155 Bishopsgate, London. Registrations are open. Grab your tickets today.
BizTalk360 Customer Support


Here’s a short video on our customer support statistics.