BizTalk Server Tip #26: Test 100% of your code

Published on : Feb 28, 2014

Category : BizTalk Server



tip26 Guarantee full code coverage by running Orchestration Profiler of tracking data of your load tests. When testing your BizTalk Applications it is important to guarantee all code is executed, even the error paths. The Orchestration profiler will help you understand how much of the code you covered with your test and also give important information on how fast it was. When testing software one of the important measurements to guarantee a thorough analysis is code coverage. Since this metric is not possible to measure in Visual Studio for BizTalk Projects Orchestration Profiler has been developed and uses the tracking information generated by BizTalk to identify which code path have been executed and also includes additional information on the success rate and volumes going through each shape. Learn more on Orchestration Profiler and start using it on your projects. blog-action04_thumb23333333333333333