BizTalk Server Tip #25: Consider to prefer XSLT in maps

Published on : Feb 27, 2014

Category : BizTalk Server



biztalk server tips When developing maps consider using XSLT as the preferred language for describing your transformations by either using Custom XSLT, Scripting Functoids or even when developing Custom Functoids. This will result in maps that are faster to run and easier to debug. Using the out of the box functoids is sometimes hard or impossible to implement the necessary transformations leaving developers a lot of options on how to overcome those limitations. Using custom XSLT as a full map, a inline XSLT scripting functoid or developing a functoid that outputs XSLT is in the majority of the times the best option due to the end result being just on single XSLT that needs to be compiled and run just like any other simple map without any need for external components. biztalk360 free trial