BizTalk Server Tip #12: Review the performance of your environment regularly

Published on : Feb 14, 2014

Category : BizTalk Server



tip12 Collect performance counters on a regular basis and analyse them with PAL for the best performance insight of a BizTalk environment. Collect performance data during your utilization peak time and compare the results with a baseline to be able to plan for the right capacity in your system. Monitoring the performance of your BizTalk System is key for a stable and predictable behaviour. Since the amount of counters available in a BizTalk System is vast it is hard to know which ones to pay more attention or understanding the correlations of their values. This is where PAL will help you by providing a list of counters recommended to collect and then parses all these counters and evaluates them based on the knowledge of experienced BizTalk engineers and generates alerts when thresholds are being violated. A comprehensive report is generated after running this tool. Not only you will benefit from the collective knowledge for BizTalk but also from other software in the stack such as Windows, IIS, SQL Server and more. Start using it Performance Analysis of Logs (PAL) Tool blog-action04_thumb2333333[3]