BizTalk Server Tip #1: Take advantage of Multi MessageBox Configuration

Published on : Feb 3, 2014

Category : BizTalk Server



BizTalk Server Tip 1 Take advantage of configuring multiple message boxes in BizTalk environment to overcome SQL server bottlenecks. Once the load goes up in your BizTalk environment, you’ll start seeing bottleneck in SQL server. Normally it will require deep SQL knowledge, such as configuring multiple files per file group to overcome this challenge. The other easy option to solve this problem is by simply adding multiple message boxes. This tip even works nicely on a single SQL server instance. During performance and scalability tests of a high volume BizTalk solution when you try to determine the Maximum Sustainable Throughput you will find that logical bottlenecks in the SQL layer are the most common. Because of these multiple articles have been written on how to best configure the BizTalk Message Box to avoid them. Optimizing Database Performance or even these old article BizTalk Server Database Optimization are still mostly valid today and address these concerns. The single most significant optimization step when dealing with scaling the BizTalk Message Box is adding new message boxes even when they are created in the same SQL Instance, with the added benefit of being the most simple to implement. You will need to add three message boxes to achieve the best performance. BizTalk360 Free Demo