biztalk health monitoring integration in biztalk360

BizTalk Health Monitor Integration in BizTalk360

Published on : Apr 5, 2017

Category : BizTalk360 Update

Senthil Kumar



Most of BizTalk users know MessageBox Viewer (MBV) is replaced with BizTalk Health monitor (BHM). BHM is a complete MMC Snap-in reusing the same health check engine and architecture as MBV, but its query/rule repository is updated frequently to detect all recent BizTalk issues. You can go through this interesting article by founder of BizTalk360, Saravana Kumar, about the difference between BizTalk360 and BHM.

MessageBox Viewer(MBV) Deprecated!

BizTalk360 supports MessageBox Viewer until 8.3 version. Most of our customers have requested the upgrade to BizTalk Health Monitor. Based on feedback, we decided to integrate the BizTalk Health Monitor into BizTalk360.
MessageBox Viewer Integration is deprecated from BizTalk360 8.4 version.
The next version of BizTalk360 (8.4) is planned to release during last week of April. Users can install BHM in order to take advantage of the BizTalk health report feature. For the existing users, while they are migrating from previous version of BizTalk360, the MBV configuration is removed from BizTalk360 Settings section. The configuration and functionality of BHM is like the previous version of Health Monitoring Tool (MessageBox Viewer).

BHM Integration


The first step the users have to configure, is the BHM installation directory and to schedule the reports generation. By the schedule, the BizTalk360 Monitoring Service will generate the reports. BHMSettings

BHM Monitoring

In BizTalk360 you can configure BHM Monitoring in the section Manage Mapping>BizTalk Environment. Here users can set the threshold limit of critical and non-critical errors to monitor the BizTalk Health Reports. BHMMapping Monitoring Dashboard will plot the BizTalk Health Monitor status for every monitoring cycle. The users can configure BHM Threshold settings for multiple environments. BHMMonitoringDashboard

Viewing BHM Reports

BizTalk Health Monitor runs are viewed under the Health Tools in the Operation section. The monitoring service produces the health reports based on the configured schedule. Reports are categorized into Critical, Non-Critical, Header and Summary Report. In BizTalk360 users can view multiple BHM runs under BizTalk Health Monitor Reports. BHMReports


BizTalk360 users can take full advantage of BizTalk Health Monitor feature from BizTalk360 8.4 onwards. If you have any feedback, please write to get biztalk360