Release date: 10th June 2022

BizTalk360 Version 10.3

Version 10.3 is bundled with most expecting features like Automated Tasks, EDI Agreement Monitoring, Server Performance Monitoring, Pager Duty Notification channel integration, Fresh & Modern look of Installer with gMSA Support and Integration of Reporting in Analytics dashboard and so on.

BizTalk360 v10
SQL Server Availability

Performance Monitoring

Monitor the stress of BizTalk or SQL server’s CPU & Memory over a specific timeframe with the windows performance counters in the Data Monitoring schedule.

EDI Agreement Monitoring

It’s important to monitor the state of EDI Agreements in a BizTalk EDI message processing. EDI Agreement monitoring will avoid the interruption in business transaction.

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Automated Task

Refreshed Interactive Dashboards

Automated Tasks are executed on a scheduled time or manual trigger to take actions. It can perform actions on Applications, Application Artifacts, Host Instances, and Custom Workflow of Application artifacts are executed in the order.

Pager Duty notification channel

BizTalk360 Inbuilt notification channel now supports to Pager Duty Incident management integration.


Database Health Status

BizTalk360 Database health check will perform Reorganize/Rebuild the database indexes and indicate the database health status in the dashboard.

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Host Instances Bulk Operations

When performing bulk operations on Host Instances, user get the summary about the Host Instances operation status.

Manage the Data Monitoring schedule state

Users can enable/disable the state of Data Monitoring schedule from this version. This option will be useful to manage the schedule in better manner.

Grid Pagination option across the board

Grid pagination is implemented to all the features. User can enable this option based on their business requirements.

Send the Governance & Audit in email

This feature helps to send the Governance & Audit report data has been via email.

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Installer Improvements

BizTalk360 Installer UI is refreshed to modern look & feel. Installer now supports the gMSA Service Account.


Integrate the Reporting in Analytics dashboard

Analytics Reporting feature is integrated with Analytics dashboards since most of the widgets are common among them.

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