Release date: 2nd Nov 2021

BizTalk360 Version 10.1

Brought the cool new features like Azure ServiceBus Topics Monitoring, Manage & Monitor multiple BHM Profiles etc. In addition to this, customer feedbacks and usability improvements are bundled in this version.

BizTalk360 v10

Azure ServiceBus Topics

This feature enables you to monitor the Topics’ current state, message size, and subscriptions.

Monitor the subscriptions by configuring threshold conditions of various metrics like message counts (Total, Active, Scheduled, Dead-Letter, Transfer and Transfer Dead letter).

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SQL Server Availability

BHM Profile Management

This integration enables you to schedule BHM runs and view the output of the runs of the different BHM profiles directly in BizTalk360.

Manually trigger multiple BHM profiles, schedule profiles and view the generated reports that are incorporated in this feature.

Rename Operation to Administration

Refreshed Interactive Dashboards

Operations are one of the most imperative modules in BizTalk360, in which all your BizTalk admin tasks can be managed. So to make it more appropriate we renamed Operations as Administration.

Monitoring multiple BHM Profiles

Multiple BHM profiles can be monitored by configuring threshold rules and mapping them to an alarm.

Based on the configured rules, BizTalk360 will determine any threshold violation in the latest BHM report that has been generated for the profile.


Governance and Audit

Logic Apps activities like enable, disable, delete, run, trigger, and resubmit operations are audited.

In Tracking manager, whenever tracking is enabled/disabled at port level or globally, any changes done at tracking rules are audited.

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Data Monitoring Improvements

Monitor Service Instances, Tracking events and ESB Fault query results which are older than the configured time interval.

Application Group Import /Export

The Import/Export feature is extended to support the Application Group configuration in User Access Policies.

BHM Improvements

Align with the BizTalk Health Monitor tool, the query output and Key Indicators are now included in BHM feature under BizTalk360 Administration.

ESB Improvements

Users can configure the desired HTTP Receive Locations in the ESB configuration. This provides the flexibility to list the configured receive location for resubmission.

Logic Apps Bulk Resubmit

In the Azure Services Logic Apps Administration feature is improved to perform bulk resubmission of Logic Apps runs.

Analytics Custom widgets

The Analytics Custom widgets now support Date/Time Range (From and To) that helps the users to visualize the desired analytics data.

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Dashboard User Access Policy

Access restrictions are applied to Global Dashboards. Super users can define the rules to Non-super users about which dashboards and operations can be performed in Dashboards. Think of creating/deleting a dashboard or not, and if they can manage the widgets in the dashboard or not.

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SQL Jobs history

This enables you to view the output of SQL Agent Job runs in BizTalk SQL Instances. It helps the BizTalk Administrator to reduce context switching between SQL Server Management Studio(SSMS) and BizTalk360.

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