BizTalk Server Administrators Training

Based on real-life project experience

Taking care of your BizTalk group takes more than checking the BizTalk Administration console every now and then. Without understanding the concepts of BizTalk, it can be hard to properly manage your BizTalk group in all its aspects. Our 2 days training is for BizTalk Administrators and IT professionals, but is also beneficial for SQL Server Administrators and BizTalk Developers who are involved in managing the BizTalk platform. This training is up to date to BizTalk Server 2016.

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Course Description

During this course, attendees will teach everything they need to know to properly administer BizTalk Server. The course contains topics like installing and configuring BizTalk Groups, operating and monitoring BizTalk Server, deployment of BizTalk applications, periodical administrative tasks and best practices.

After understanding which problem BizTalk Server addresses and the BizTalk concepts are explained, the attendees will create their own BizTalk Group which they will use along the course. Later on they will learn how to deploy BizTalk applications and how the BizTalk group can be made highly available and load balanced.


Systems Administrators who deploy and manage a multi-server BizTalk Server environment, SQL Server DBA’s who are responsible for maintaining the BizTalk Server databases or BizTalk Developers who need to support a BizTalk environment.

About the Trainer

The trainer of the BizTalk Server Administrators Training has more than 15 years of experience in the field of BizTalk Server Administration, but is also experienced in the field of BizTalk Development. He has worked with every version of BizTalk Server since 2004 and in the past he has conducted this Administrators Training many times. As an attendee of this training you will benefit of this, as besides receiving the training from a trainer with real-world knowledge, there will be plenty of space to discuss the challenges you might face during your day to day operations of BizTalk Server.


At the following dates, this 2 days training will be conducted at our UK office.

Mon 15 – Tue 16 May 2017

Mon 10 – Tue 11 July 2017

Mon 18 – Tue 19 September 2017

At the completion of this course, attendees will be able to:
  • Understand which challenges can be addressed by BizTalk Server
  • Understand the concepts of BizTalk Server
  • Installation and configuration of BizTalk Server groups, which includes multiple BizTalk servers
  • Enable high-availability and load balancing of BizTalk Server processes using Hosts configuration
  • Get introduced to SQL Server Always On
  • Get familiarized with the BizTalk related SQL Server jobs
  • Deploy BizTalk applications using the default MSIs and BTDF
  • Configure BizTalk applications
  • Manage BizTalk application configuration with binding files
  • Use BTSTask and PowerShell scripts
  • Learn about different types of monitoring
  • Learn about daily, weekly and monthly administrative tasks

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No prior BizTalk Server experience is required, but attendees should be familiar with managing a Windows-based network environments like managing Active Directory Users and Groups.

Course outline
Day 1
  • Module 1 – BizTalk Basics
  • Module 2 – Installing and Configuring BizTalk Server 2016
  • Module 3 – Deploying BizTalk Server applications
  • Module 4 – Operating the BizTalk Server Administration Console
Day 2
  • Module 5 – BizTalk Server operations behind the scenes
  • Module 6 – Monitoring BizTalk Server
  • Module 7 – High Availability
  • Module 8 – Backup and Recovery
  • Extra – BizTalk360 (optional module)

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