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ESB Portal

With BizTalk360 ESB Portal, you can start viewing exceptions right in the user interface. All you’ve got to do is set up the Exception database connection string and the OnRamp URL setting (to be able to submit & resubmit the message). That’s it! With these configuration settings, you’re all set up with very minimal effort and the ESB exceptions will automatically get populated in the UI. No need for any complex web services installation to fetch the exception information.

View the exception details

In a single click, view the exception information – Fault Details, Exception Details, and message information.


Editing & Re-submitting the messages

Whenever there is a fault in the ESB Exception Management portal, users can choose to rectify the fault by editing the message and resubmitting it back to a particular receive location.

Bulk Submit of Messages

Select multiple messages in one go and bulk submit them to a specific receive location. This is an added functionality in BizTalk360.


Download and Email Messages

You can download the message context and content information as a zip file as well as email them to your team members for debugging purposes.


What if you don’t want all your users to be able to bulk submit & resubmit messages? Say, Bob from the administration team needs access to ESB portal with resubmit permissions while Scott only requires access to the ESB Portal. With BizTalk360, you can set up access restrictions at user level to restrict them from being able to submit/resubmit messages. That’s just not it! You can also restrict the right of the users to edit the messages or not before submitting them to the respective receive location. Without these permissions, users cannot perform any operations on the ESB Portal exceptions.


Auditing your actions

If you care to know who did what in your environment/what operations Bob from your administration team performed on the exceptions, that’s where BizTalk360’s governance/auditing module comes to your rescue. With full governance and auditing capability, BizTalk360 maintains the log of activities your users perform on the ESB exception messages. Be it successful/unsuccessful resubmit, or saving the exception information – all your activities get audited under the Governance/Auditing module of BizTalk360. Futher only users with permissions to view the governance/auditing module can view this information. Also, with the necessary permissions, you can view the message content/context information of the message that was actually submitted.

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In BizTalk world, we often end up building a lot of custom tools to fill the gaps in administration and monitoring. Soon it becomes a problem managing them and also, there are no common user interfaces between these various custom tools. BizTalk360 fills all those gaps and makes it a one-stop shop for BizTalk Server monitoring, alerting, automation, reporting, and many other capabilities. A MUST-HAVE where BizTalk server is in use.
Gilles ZIELINSKI Directeur Pole BizTalk, MCNext, Paris Area, France

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