biztalk360 team


Software Engineer

“Cheta” – as we call him (which means brother in Malayalam language – his mother tongue), is a rare breed. He acts as our Software Engineer and System Administrator. See, that’s the kind of people we have at BizTalk360. He specializes in enterprise system development on the Windows platform, as well as spends most of his time coding and resolving most of our system related issues. Vishnu provides support for development and staging environments including Continuous Integration, Networking, and Supporting developers working with a variety of products and third party integrations.

Outside office, Vishnu loves to watch movies and takes up long drive with his fellow mates, taking plenty of photographs. He is currently an avid Game of Thrones fan and is always up-to-date on all the latest and greatest TV shows. He takes a lot of selfies. He loves hacking. He loves cooking. An absolute gadget freak. He loves jailbreaking/rooting mobile phones. And any gadget related questions, feel free to throw at him (he will have a solution).