Why do you need BizTalk360 to protect your BizTalk Server environment from downtime?

This whitepaper is an add-on material for the blog post “Will Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning help BizTalk Server Monitoring?“. In this article, Saravana Kumar busts the myth on whether AI & ML can be used for BizTalk Server Monitoring or not and what will be the challenges if you decide to implement AI and/or ML for monitoring your BizTalk server environment.

What’s in store for you?

This whitepaper will give you a detailed understanding of the following:

  • Why do you need BizTalk360 to protect your BizTalk Server environment from downtime
  • How BizTalk360 solves the problems when it comes to monitoring BizTalk server
    • Concept of Alarms
    • In-depth coverage of BizTalk artifacts+ External systems
    • Data Monitoring
    • In-built High Availability
    • Auto Healing capability
    • Notification channels
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About the author(s)
Saravana Kumar

Saravana Kumar

Founder/CTO, BizTalk360; Microsoft Integration MVP

Saravana has been a Microsoft Integration MVP since 2007. In 2013, he was awarded 'Integration MVP of the Year' by Microsoft. In 2010, Saravana created BizTalk360 after experiencing for himself the challenges of managing and monitoring BizTalk Server. In 2016, he launched the second product, ServiceBus360 to meet the monitoring needs of Azure Service Bus. In 2017, work began on Atomic Scope, a business activity tracking tool to complete the integration offering. Document360, a knowledge base platform for businesses, will go to market in 2018 to complete the quartet of innovative products on offer from Kovai Ltd, now a 50+ member strong company with offices in the UK and India serving 600 clients globally.

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