Microsoft BizTalk Server Assessment and Architecture Review

by Nino Crudele,

Microsoft BizTalk Server Assessment and Architecture Review

by Nino Crudele,

Making a good BizTalk assessment and architecture review is a not a simple thing. BizTalk Server needs different technologies in order to run. There are many aspects to be considered and many things to inspect in order to make a complete BizTalk architecture review.

There are many objectives. Examples:

  • How to make good performance tests?
  • Provide the best practices around possible issues?
  • Pinpoint possible bottlenecks to improve the quality of software?
  • Code Review
  • Provide best practices for maintaining a BizTalk environment to obtain stability and availability

What’s in store for you?

This whitepaper:

  • Examines the best practices to make a BizTalk assessment and architecture review.
  • Includes how to organize good documentation (for all BizTalk aspects, message flows, transformation, technologies stack, infrastructure, network, adapters, disks, connections, configurations and databases) as well as the correct indicators for the whole BizTalk environment.

Nino Crudele
About the author

Nino Crudele

Integration MVP

Nino Crudele has been a Microsoft BizTalk Server and Azure MVP for 9 years, he always focused delivering significant business integration project that provide exceptional outcomes for the client. He has a deep knowledge and experience delivering world class integration solutions using all Microsoft Azure stacks, Microsoft BizTalk Server and he has delivered world class Integration solutions using and integrating many different technologies as AS2, EDI, Rosettanet, HL7, RFID, SWIFT. He is a technology passionate, blogger, author, international speaker and active community member in the Application Integration area.


Saravana Kumar
Saravana Kumar

Saravana Kumar is the Founder and CTO of BizTalk360, an enterprise software that helps Microsoft BizTalk Server Customers to improve their day to day operational efficiency by providing rich set of tools and monitoring capabilities. Saravana is a Microsoft BizTalk server MVP since 2007, blogger, international speaker and active community member in BizTalk Server area. He also won the Integration MVP of the Year in 2013.

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