Messaging systems are the mission-critical components in an enterprise and they are possibly the most reliable technology available for ensuring digital message delivery. This often makes them an integral part of applications that rely on accurate delivery of messages. Any downtime or degradation in the performance of queues can lead to problems such as loss of messages within the enterprise, lack of communication between services, and so on.

BizTalk360 understands the criticality of your messaging system and has the capability to keep a constant watch on the various performance counters. Start monitoring your MSMQ and Azure Service Bus Queues with the latest version of BizTalk360.

MSMQ Monitoring

Monitor the health of the MSMQ along with other parameters including Queue Size, Active Messages, Dead Letters and Journal Messages. Monitor your local and remote queues and set threshold conditions to get notified of any violations.

queue monitoring
Azure Service Bus Queue Monitoring

Azure Service Bus Queue Monitoring

Azure Service Bus allows applications and services to communicate with other applications on the cloud, on premise, or both and ensures message exchange occurs smoothly. With BizTalk360, configure alarms for various parameters like Queue Size, Status, Messages, Active Messages, Scheduled Messages, Transfer Messages, and Dead Letters, get notified in case of violations and take necessary corrective actions.

Create custom rules

You can setup monitoring on a queue based on the custom rule conditions set for the queue. Get notified whenever there is a threshold violation on the rules set. Create the rule with multiple conditions and sub conditions based on your requirements.

Create custom rules
Queue Monitoring Email Notification

Email and SMS Notifications

Very simple and clear emails providing the exact status of the queues and the issues (if any). Additionally, you can opt to get notified (in case of threshold violation) via SMS. BizTalk360 has its own SMS Gateway deployed on Windows Azure – all you need to do is to get in touch with our Sales team to get a username, secret key, and SMS credits to get going.