Have you or your team ever faced the challenge of understanding how messages flow within the BizTalk system? Especially, if you have a complex system where the messages pass through multiple orchestrations within the BizTalk system. The situation gets even worse understanding the end-to-end message flow structure if you have to diagnose a problem with a particular message. Wouldn’t it be nice to have the capability to view the end-to-end message flow within the BizTalk system? Yes, that’s exactly the problem that the Graphical Message Flow was built to help with.

Visualizing the Graphical Message Flow

The graphical diagram of the message flow indicates the message path within the system – when the message enters the system through the receive ports, goes through orchestrations (if any), and exits through the send ports.


Error Highlighting

If there are errors in the message flow, the corresponding section where the message fails during execution will be highlighted in red. You can view the error information under the Message Properties section. This will help you to easily identify the point where the message failed rather than having to spend hours to figure this out.

Message Flow Legends

We have made it very easy for you to differentiate the phases of the message flow – blue indicates the point of entry into the system; green indicates the point where the message is sent; yellow indicates the point where the message is sent to a third party. You can view the entire message flow by clicking the legends.

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Viewing the Properties

You know your message flows through the system, but would you also not be interested in knowing its associated properties? Yes, we know that and we have that. Simply click on the service instance and you’ll notice the properties information on the right side. We’ve got all that you would need to understand about the message while it flows through the system.