“BizTalk360 is one stop product to get a holistic view of your BizTalk Server environment. ”

About the company

Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield of IOWA operates a complex BizTalk environment with two production application servers and a clustered SQL instance, along with a separate message box (Msgbox) instance. Before integrating BizTalk360 into their infrastructure, they faced significant operational challenges due to the absence of dedicated product for monitoring both their databases and BizTalk environments. This deficiency led to particular difficulties during critical incidents, such as major database outages.

Key challenges 

  • Absence of monitoring for SQL Server databases
  • Lack of BizTalk Server Monitoring

Selection of BizTalk360

Wellmark recognized the critical need for a reliable monitoring product. After careful consideration, they chose BizTalk360 due to its strong reputation in the market, offering a comprehensive suite of features perfectly tailored to their monitoring needs.

Experience Using BizTalk360

Reflecting on their journey with BizTalk360, Wellmark’s team highlighted the following:

1. Overcoming Previous Challenges: BizTalk360 played a pivotal role in addressing Wellmak’s earlier challenges by providing targeted monitoring capabilities for both databases and BizTalk environments.

2. Unique Features: Among the standout features, Auto-Correct serving as a favourite feature for Wellmark, streamlining system management and ensuring seamless operations, particularly during off-hours.

Results Achieved with BizTalk360

1. Business and Personal Goals: BizTalk360 enabled Wellmark to achieve their business goals by providing detailed monitoring insights, allowing for quicker reaction times to potential issues.

2. Quantifiable Impact: While specific metrics were not provided, Wellmark emphasized the significant value added by BizTalk360 in terms of system stability and proactive management.

3. Recommendation: Wellmark recommends BizTalk360 because of its comprehensive perspective of the BizTalk system and its role as a one-stop shop for complete management and monitoring.

In conclusion, Wellmark’s experience with BizTalk360 underscores the transformative impact of adopting a specialized monitoring and management solution. By addressing longstanding operational challenges and empowering proactive decision-making, BizTalk360 has become an indispensable asset in optimizing Wellmark’s infrastructure performance and resilience.

…BizTalk360 triggers notifications when something goes down in the environment and hence the team can react quicker.

Organisation: Giant Eagle Markets Inc

Industry: Mutual insurance


  • BizTalk monitoring
  • Database monitoring
  • Auto correct

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