“The product offers a wide range of features that offer great flexibility for all users”

David Sanchez, ESB engineer ICT

About the Company

Wehkamp is a leading online retailer in the Netherlands, having dominated the Dutch online fashion market. Their strong brand, loyal customer base, and lightning-fast delivery services cement their position as a market leader.

Beyond fashion, a diverse product range ensures continued growth. Wehkamp embraces tech-driven innovation, home & garden, and lacent, being a provider of consumer finance to Wehkamp customers.

Key challenges  

The reliance on basic alerting systems led to three primary frustrations:

  • Monitoring Microsoft MSMQ depths
  • Setting up regular BizTalk artifact alerts
  • Need for custom applications for event alerting on BizTalk

Before BizTalk360

Wehkamp BV operated BizTalk Server within a complex BizTalk Server environment featuring 2 servers, 75 applications, and 180 integrations. The limitations of their existing alerting systems prompted a search for alternatives.

Choosing BizTalk360

The decision to explore alternatives was prompted by the realization that current solutions fell short of addressing their specific challenges. Opting for BizTalk360 was a natural choice due to its seamless integration into the company’s infrastructure, promising to allusive existing pain points. Implementing BizTalk360 proved easy for Wehkamp BV, as the platform seamlessly addressed previous challenges. Some of the notable features included simplified alert setup and streamlined configuration of BizTalk artifact alerts. BizTalk360’s ease of use sets it apart from other alternatives.

Results with BizTalk360

Wehkamp BV most positive experience with BizTalk360 stemmed from its consistent effectiveness, operating successfully 99.9% of the time. This reliability significantly contributed to a smoother operational environment and enhanced overall system performance.

Post-implementation, BizTalk360 successfully eliminated the need for custom applications and significantly reduced reliance on bespoke solutions. The platform effectively addressed the user’s goals, particularly regarding alerting and monitoring, contributing to a more streamlined and efficient BizTalk Server environment.

Recommendation and Ratings

While recommending BizTalk360 for specific tasks, Wehkamp BV highlighted its ease of use and the broad range of features that addressed its unique requirements. High ratings in various categories reflected the platform’s overall quality, value addition to day-to-day activities, and the positive user experiences it delivered to Wehkamp BV.

… BizTalk360 stemmed from its consistent effectiveness, operating successfully 99.9% of the time.

Organisation: Wehkamp BV

Industry: Online retail company


  • Administration
  • Monitoring
  • Notification Channels

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