Sometimes we use BizTalk as an overview to the system. In BizTalk360, we can go to one place and solve the problem

Peter Blomqvist,Integration Manager
Volvofinans Bank AB

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Key Challenges

  • Lack of availability of perfect monitoring solutions
  • Being reactive to critical situations

About Volvofinans Bank

Volvofinans Bank is a Swedish based car bank focusing mainly on car loans. The company is owned 50% by Swedish Volvo dealership (through the holding company Volverkinvest), 40% by the Sixth Swedish National Pension Fund, and 10% by Volvo Personvagnar AB since the beginning of 2010. The main job of the bank’s operations is to promote the sale of the products marketed at the Swedish Volvo dealers through financing of products and sales. With about 175 employees, the head office of Volvofinans is located in Gothenburg and the main business is within Sweden.

Executive Summary

Volvofinans, a Swedish based banking company were struggling to eliminate the risks involved in monitoring their BizTalk server environments. It was getting difficult for them to be proactive to warnings and alerts with their custom built monitoring solutions. In an effort to minimize risks and maximise the efficiency of their team, the team at Volvofinans chose BizTalk360 for their monitoring requirements.

Why BizTalk360?

The integration team at Volvofinans often faced the need to implement better monitoring solutions to stay on top of their environment configurations. Due to the lack of availability of perfect monitoring solutions, the team were more reactive to critical situations in the environment. The team even tried building their custom monitoring solutions that were tailor made to the day-to-day requirements, but could not fit the place of a perfect monitoring solution they were looking for. After evaluating a number of tools that could fit in as an end-to-end monitoring solution, both in terms of cost and feature set, the team at Volvofinans settled with BizTalk360 as their choice of monitoring solution.

Though we did not use the Silverlight version of BizTalk360, we have seen the leap in terms of features and quality of the product in the current HTML5 version. Overall, it’s been a very nice experience with the product so far.

-Peter Blomqvist, Integration Manager
Volvofinans Bank AB

Volvofinans has a highly-available BizTalk server infrastructure – clustered SQL servers, 2 BizTalk servers with about 50 applications in their environment. BizTalk360 has helped the team at Volvofinans to switch their mind-set from reactive monitoring to proactive monitoring. Specific monitoring functionalities such as “Process Monitoring” and “Data Monitoring” help them to take their monitoring requirements to the next level – set up alerts, get notified when something goes wrong, and take corrective action, if available. BizTalk360 has saved significant time of the BizTalk team since they get easily notified of any strange events happening in the environment and can act upon them quickly.

Features Interested

In addition to BizTalk Monitoring functionality, the team at Volvofinans Bank use the regular features of BizTalk360 such as Applications (to perform operations such as start, stop, etc., on the various artifacts of the applications). This basically eliminates the need for the team to log in to the BizTalk Administration Console to perform these operations. By doing these operations through BizTalk360, the team are also happy with the Governance & Auditing functionality of BizTalk360 since all the user actions get automatically recorded. It gets easy to find out “Who did what” in the environment and rectify the faulty action within no time.

We have bread & butter stuff (i.e.) daily reports. With BizTalk360, we simply set up an alarm for every morning that gives the information of pretty much everything – all integration, all ports, all messages etc. and gives green or red light. That’s how we start our day!!

-Peter Blomqvist, Integration Manager
Volvofinans Bank AB

Sometimes we use BizTalk as an overview to the system and go to different places. In BizTalk360, we just can go to one place and solve the problem.

Organisation: Volvofinans Bank, Sweden

Industry: Finance


  • Monitoring
  • Application Support
  • Governance – Audit
We ask the following standard set of questions to every customer for general feedback. The answers are from the customers as such without editing
On a rating scale, how would you consider the overall quality of BizTalk360?

“Excellent! “ One of the main reasons is the fact that you guys listen to your customers’ feedback.

What is your opinion on our Support Documentation Portal (Assist)?

“Excellent”. I’ve always got a response for my questions and it has really helped me to solve my questions/problems.

How was your pre-sale and purchase experience?

“Good”. It was easy to set up the trial version and getting it to run on my environment. When we found the product was suitable for our business, it was quite easy to procure a license for the product from the BizTalk360 team.

How was the installation/upgrade experience? How is the product usage experience (UI)?

The upgrade process was very good and seamless. When it comes to the product usage experience, it’s been a good one, although we have some suggestions to improve the usability of the product. Once the suggestions are addressed, we would feel the product usage experience would be very good for all users.

What is the value add of BizTalk360 to your day to day activities?

“Very Good.” The product is good with the current set of features but it can be made better with some of the missing (improved) functionalities and we believe it’s just a matter of time these get into the product.

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