“I sleep better knowing we have a product that keeps our BizTalk ports up, and I receive Health reports twice a day to summarize what is happening in our environment”

Liezel Venter,Middleware/Biztalk Admin

About Ryerson

Ryerson has more than 175 years of experience in processing bars, tubing, and pipes, as well as structural shapes. Ryerson also does precision cutting, punching, bending, and welding of 70000+ products. There are three pillars behind customized metal solutions, like providing more than metal, streamlining supply chain and becoming an extension of business.

Top two challenges faced 

  • No notifications pop up if there are any errors
  • Wanted to make sure that all the environments/ports stay healthy

Before BizTalk360

In the past, we did not use an alternative to BizTalk360. Currently, we have 4 production servers and 12 large applications in our environment.

After BizTalk360 and the feature that is often used/liked the most

I must say, the installation process of BizTalk360 was straightforward. We liked BizTalk360 for our day-to-day activities, to highlight on the lists of features that Ryerson frequently uses:

  • Auto restart
  • Health Check

These two are still our favourites in BizTalk360.

Results / Impact with BizTalk360

After BizTalk360, I know there is a tool keeping the ports up. I also get a Health check twice a day to get a summary of what is going on in my environment.

Single reason for recommending BizTalk360

This product is easy to use and gives a good overview of what is going on in our BizTalk Server environment. BizTalk360 helps keeping all our artifacts up and running, since some of the ports shutdown over weekends when backend systems are under maintenance. In those cases, we do not have to be involved to make sure the environment is up; BizTalk360 does it automatically for us.

Constant support BizTalk360 offered us

The following criteria are extremely good in BizTalk360, and I wanted to share my experience using them. Let us start by going through how prerequisites have been acquired up until this point:

  • Quality of the product
  • Value added to our day-to-day activities
  • Pre-sale conversations
  • Installation or first-use experience
  • Product usage experience
  • Support assistance 

… BizTalk360 gives us a good snapshot of what is going on BizTalk Server environment.

Organisation: Ryerson  

Industry: Metal solutions


  • Monitoring
  • Administration  
  • Analytics 

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