“BizTalk360 helped to reduce the number of support requests by taking actions proactively. Alerts are now sent to the right persons, so people get informed faster and automatically.”

About the Company

Nippon Gases is a prominent player in the European industrial and medical gases industry. With a vast customer base of over 150,000, they strive to generate societal benefits by delivering cutting-edge gas solutions that elevate industrial efficiency, improve human welfare, and foster a sustainable tomorrow.

Key challenges  

  • Missing data and there were no alerts received when something went wrong.
  • The system stopped sending data due to ports being disabled.
  • Since the server holds lots of data that needs to be processed, the amount of data often forced BizTalk Server to go throttling, and it was a mess to get it clean again.

Before BizTalk360

To optimize their operations, Nippon Gases implemented a system where administrators and developers had to simultaneously handle scripting, server monitoring, and alerts. Unfortunately, this approach proved highly time-consuming due to the manual steps involved. To overcome these challenges, Nippon Gases developed its own tools to automate the scripting, monitoring, and alerting processes. Nevertheless, this method had flaws as it relied on manual intervention, making it susceptible to errors. Nippon Gases managed a single production server housing approximately 30 applications.

After BizTalk360

Top reasons to select BizTalk360

There are a couple of reasons to choose BizTalk360, but Nippon Gases highlights a few reasons as their top priority:

  • Automatic restarting of Receive Locations, Send Ports, and Instances.
  • Further handling all types of alerts of all applications at one central point is very important and helpful as it reduces a lot of support.

The initial phase of using the product

Nippon Gases was introduced to BizTalk360 during the BizTalk Roadshow held in Germany in 2013. Since then, they have recognized it as the ideal solution for effortlessly managing BizTalk Server. Implementing BizTalk360 significantly decreased the number of support requests raised, providing a positive experience for Nippon Gases from the moment they started using the product.

Challenges addressed with BizTalk360

Nippon Gases were able to reduce the number of support requests by acting proactively. Alerts are now sent to the right persons depending on the reason/application, so people get informed faster and automatically. For sure, many problems are solved automatically by restarting the receive locations.

Results with BizTalk360

The product has helped Nippon Gases to achieve business goals by enabling trust in various business departments as interfaces are more stable now. This helps the team to be extremely happy with the monitoring features provided and the ability to react to incidents promptly. Also, they loved the functionality of automatic restart of receiving locations which could be one of the reasons for recommending the product to others.

… BizTalk360 reduces time for manual restarting of ports.

Organisation: Nippon Gases

Industry: Industry and Medical gases


  • Auto restart of ports
  • Monitoring
  • Notification Alerts
  • Administration

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