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Sean Farquhar, Software Engineer

About Iceland Foods

With over 900 stores spanning across UK, an additional 40 owned or franchised stores across Europe, and a thriving global export business, their retail presence is exceptionally diverse. Behind the scenes, they have got over 50 + integrations in their BizTalk environment, showing how big and intricate their operations.

Key challenges 

  • Challenges with BizTalk Integration
  • No way to receive alerts when something goes wrong
  • Quite hard to manage the large volume of data

Before BizTalk360

Iceland Foods faced numerous challenges with integration processes. One of the most frustrating issues was the lack of notifications for downtime, leading to delays in identifying and resolving critical issues promptly. This resulted in decreased operational efficiency and potential revenue loss due to prolonged system disruptions. Without a comprehensive solution like BizTalk360, the team struggled to monitor their integration systems effectively, hindering seamless operations. The lack of proactive alerts meant IT teams were often reactive, causing unnecessary delays and impacting overall productivity. In today’s fast-paced business landscape, having a reliable tool like BizTalk360 is essential for streamlining integration processes and minimizing downtime. By providing real-time notifications and alerts, BizTalk360 empowers businesses to proactively manage their integration systems, enhance operational efficiency, and deliver superior customer experiences.

Top reasons to choose BizTalk360

Integration with BizTalk was the primary factor driving Iceland Foods to select BizTalk360. Its seamless integration capabilities make it a standout choice for businesses seeking to streamline operations. From setup to implementation, BizTalk360 is incredibly user-friendly, enabling users to start using the product in just a few hours. This quick onboarding process ensures minimal disruption and maximum efficiency for business. One of the most compelling reasons to opt for BizTalk360 is its ability to help overcome challenges. With features like easier alerting for BizTalk and other environments, this platform empowers users to proactively manage systems and address issues promptly.

Features that Iceland Foods liked the most

BizTalk360 boasts over 120+ features designed to streamline day-to-day operations and monitoring tasks. Among these, the team particularly values the Data Monitoring and alerting of artifact status functionalities. This feature enables team members to closely monitor specific messages arriving within a specified timeframe directly in their mailbox, enhancing efficiency and facilitating timely responses to critical events.

Positive experience using BizTalk360

BizTalk360 has proven to be an invaluable for Iceland Foods team. With the volume of reporting data handled daily, having BizTalk360 in place has been a game-changer. Its ability to alert the team when no data is being moved ensures swift issue resolution, keeping operations running smoothly. BizTalk360 has pre-emptively addressed potential problems, maintaining operations efficiency and ensuring uninterrupted operations for Iceland Foods.

Results / Impact on the Product

BizTalk360 has proven invaluable for Iceland foods team. Its seamless integration capabilities effortlessly connect retail data to reporting repositories, enabling quick and informed decision-making in response to sector changes. In the fast-paced retail industry, where agility is crucial, BizTalk360 has been instrumental in keeping that the team ahead. Its efficiency and reliability have significantly enhanced operational processes, providing a competitive edge in the market. Based on experience and the tangible results, Iceland Foods highly recommends BizTalk360 to any retail business seeking operations and drive success through efficient data integration.

… BizTalk360 is easy to use and setup so it can be configured quickly when the need arises.

Organisation: Iceland Foods

Industry: Retail


  • Data Monitoring
  • Notification alerts
  • Reporting

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