“BizTalk360 offered value to daily operations and featured a very attractive user interface and online interface”

Jaroslaw Urich , IT Integration & Development

Key Challenges Faced

With respect to operating their BizTalk environment, there are couple of challenges faced by Helm AG:

  • A more user-friendly monitoring product is needed
  • Wanted to monitor all service instances
  • Keep manual intervention to a minimum

About Helm AG

With a history spanning over 120 years, Hamburg-based HELM AG is a family-owned organization steeped in tradition. This company was founded in 1900 in Hamburg (Germany), and is a multifunctional distributor that specializes in the following:

  • Fertilizers
  • Crop Protection
  • Chemicals: Feedstocks and derivatives
  • Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and Pharmaceuticals

Today HELM is one of the world’s largest independent chemicals marketing enterprises with more than 100 subsidiaries, sales offices, and participations in over 30 countries. The company’s extensive local knowledge guarantees access to major markets worldwide.

About Helm AG’s BizTalk server environment

Helm AG has one BizTalk Server, which contains 6 to 8 BizTalk Applications (Interfaces).

Before BizTalk360

In the past, we did not use an alternative to BizTalk360. Currently, we have 4 production servers and 12 large applications in our environment.

Top reasons to select BizTalk360 

The product was relatively easy to use, which offered more flexibility for business users. Compared with the standard admin console, Helm AG has a nice UI and web interface from the moment BizTalk360 was installed. These are some of the reasons that Helm AG chose BizTalk360.

Journey with the BizTalk360 team

The BizTalk360 team helped the Helm AG to understand the product from demo to user experience, as well as pre-sale and purchase experiences, and installation of the product into the Helm AG environment, with excellent product utilization features. The support team at BizTalk360 helps Helm AG whenever needed, and the team is readily accessible between 4 AM and 10 PM GMT (Monday till Friday).

… A neat user interface and web interface made BizTalk360 an excellent product for day-to-day operations.

Organisation: Helm AG

Industry: Chemical Company


  • Monitoring
  • Administration  
  • Analytics 

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