“With BizTalk360, we were able to resolve the issues much faster and it is easy to understand the environment”

About the company

Giant Eagle, established in 1918 in Pittsburgh, is an esteemed American supermarket chain operating across multiple countries. With a workforce of 36,000 team members, Giant Eagle is committed to fostering a workplace characterized by career growth opportunities, respect, teamwork, accountability, efficiency, health, and ethical behavior. Guided by its mission to serve the community and core values, Giant Eagle has mentioned its position as a leading family-operated business in the US since 1931.

Key challenges 

  • Lack of visibility into production environment during non-business hours.
  • Need for automation capabilities to auto-restart ports

Before BizTalk360

Before the implementation of BizTalk360, tools utilization within Giant Eagle was suboptimal. To address this issue, the organization decided to utilize the BizTalk administration tool for managing applications and Nagios for monitoring purposes. With 100 applications in the system, the introduction of these tools aimed to streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and improve overall performance.

Top reasons to select BizTalk360 

The comprehensive functionalities of BizTalk360, tailored to the management, monitoring, and alerting needs of BizTalk applications. The platform’s ability to effectively manage and monitor BizTalk applications, coupled with its robust alerting system, made it an ideal choice for organizations. By adopting BizTalk360, Giant Eagle Markets Inc. aimed to enhance operational efficiency, ensure seamless performance of BizTalk applications, and proactively address any potential issues to enhance system reliability and performance.

After BizTalk360 

Giant Eagle’s experience with BizTalk360 was highly positive, with the product proving easy to onboard and yielding significant benefits. The capability to auto-start receive ports within BizTalk360 streamlined operations and facilitated faster issue resolution, thereby enhancing efficiency. Additionally, BizTalk360’s user-friendly interface made it easy to understand the environment, allowing them to navigate and manage BizTalk applications with ease.

Results with BizTalk360:

BizTalk360 played a pivotal role in helping the team achieve their business objectives by providing a comprehensive platform for managing and monitoring BizTalk applications. Its functionalities streamlined operations, improved efficiency, and enabled proactive issue resolution. Utilizing BizTalk360 enhanced application performance, ensured seamless operations, and contributes to overall business success. The Monitoring Dashboard is a standout feature that offers real-time insights into the BizTalk environment, enabling quick issue identification. Customizable dashboards and alerts facilitate proactive monitoring of critical components for smooth operations and timely issue resolution.

Continuous support from the BizTalk360 team

The team appreciated BizTalk360 for its robust functionalities, user-friendly interface, and effectiveness in streamlining operations, improving efficiency, and proactively addressing system issues. The product features, like Monitoring Dashboard, customizable alerts, and real-time insights, contribute to its reputation for enhancing application performance and ensuring seamless operations. Overall, BizTalk360 is recognized for its quality in empowering businesses to effectively manage their BizTalk environments and achieve their operational goals.

… BizTalk360 is a user-friendly, go-to solution for efficiently managing and monitoring the BizTalk environment.

Organisation: Giant Eagle Markets Inc

Industry: Supermarket


  • Monitoring 
  • Notification alerts 
  • Monitoring  
  • Auto restart of ports

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