“Monitoring checks that we do with BizTalk360 are faster which in turn results in quicker resolution when something goes wrong”

Koen Hemels , Technical Partner Manager 

About ENI Gas & Power

ENI Gas & Power is an integrated energy company founded in 1953 and in 69 countries around the world, they are active at every stage of the value chain: from natural gas and oil to co-generated electricity and renewables, including both traditional and bio-refining and chemicals.

  • Upstream
  • Natural Gas & LNG
  • Refining & Marketing
  • Chemicals
  • Renewables & Retail

Key challenges 

The challenges ENI Gas & Power faced include:

  • No alarms or notifications are received when something fails
  • No way to have a complete overview of what’s happening in the environment
  • Unable to maintain a knowledge base article

Before BizTalk360

Even if an issue was identified, there wasn’t a knowledge base article updated or in sync that could provide relevant information on resolving it quickly. Currently, their environment holds more than 100 applications/integrations running in BizTalk Server, and they didn’t use any other tool before BizTalk360.

Features ENI Gas & Power likes the most

Since the team has 100+ applications, with BizTalk360, they especially benefit of:

  • Handling/managing suspended messages is very clear. Also, the team was able to add custom queries.
  • Using the Alarm features, the team was able to get timely notifications, which helped them resolve issues quickly.
  • Setting the product to Maintenance mode whenever they are planning to update an integration.

Positive experience using the product

BizTalk360 is a lifesaver product that helps ENI Gas & Power save time by allowing them to quickly restart all their BizTalk artifacts, which eliminates the need for manually logging on and restarting them. Moreover, the product provides a comprehensive alerting capability that alerts the ENI Gas & Power team with notifications to their email box.

Results with BizTalk360

With the help of BizTalk360, ENI Gas & Power achieve personal goals quickly by providing checks across multiple systems and responding faster whenever an issue arises. They also got a good picture of what is wrong with their applications and how to fix it. ENI Gas & Power is extremely happy with the monitoring features provided and the ability to react to incidents promptly. Furthermore, they liked that BizTalk360 regularly releases new versions, making it even easier to use.

… BizTalk360 gives a very good picture of what is wrong with an application.

Organisation: ENI Gas & Power

Industry: Oil Industry Company


  • Monitoring
  • Notification Alerts
  • Administration
  • Maintenance Mode

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