It makes a huge difference to us every day in monitoring the BizTalk applications seamlessly. They provide world class support – this is one of the best features, really.

Claus Søgaard,
BizTalk Consultant at Energinet

Energinet Denmark

About Energinet

Energinet is a Danish national transmission system operator for electricity and natural gas. It is an independent public enterprise owned by the Danish state under the Ministry of Climate and Energy.

Energinet has around 1150 employees and its headquarters are located in Erritsø near Fredericia in Jutland.

We spoke to Claus Søgaard, BizTalk Consultant at Energinet, to understand how his team leverages BizTalk360 to proactively monitor BizTalk Server in order to provide customers with seamless experiences.

Why BizTalk360?

“Before BizTalk360, we had to monitor the currently running 1 production, 3 test and 10 dev environments by hand and would only very seldom detect if a port was downed.” Claus Søgaard said.

Claus Søgaard and his team began to analyse an alternate to their own complex scripts used to detect port downtimes; they were specifically on the lookout for a product that would help them monitor their ports proactively, achieve the overview of BizTalk application status and end-to-end tracking of message flow.

How BizTalk360 helped Energinet overcome their problem

Before discovering BizTalk360 back in 2013, they could not detect if a port goes down before a customer complains about it, unable to achieve a holistic view of their 115 BizTalk applications and unable to track message flow. BizTalk360 really provides an easy way to get started, as it is rather intuitive to set up and use.

Now, BizTalk360 notifies through a message if something is different from the expected state. In turn, they can proactively react even before the customers know that there is a problem.

The intuitive portal which tells them everything they need to know about the state of their BizTalk environment and the ability to track message flows is a great feature that they use a lot.

Why Energinet recommends BizTalk360

After Energinet implemented and set up the monitoring part, they are now so much quicker to detect issues – hence their team’s credibility has grown in the organization.

BizTalk360 has saved Energinet lots of time, and their response rate to detecting issues has increased a lot.

They also experienced amazing service from the dedicated BizTalk360 support team. You get an almost instant response with a possible solution, which is the correct solution almost every time.

If you build your own system/scripts instead (as some companies do), you have to spend a significant chunk of your operational time managing it. BizTalk360’s built-in capabilities are certainly several levels above the scripts in many ways.

Why you should consider BizTalk360

BizTalk360 is a very viable alternative to building your own scripts to manage your BizTalk server. It is trusted by more than 650 companies of all sizes across the globe.

We are laser-focused on solving a single problem and solving it really well — the problem faced by every single BizTalk Server customer in managing, monitoring and analysing their BizTalk environment.

If you are an enterprise company in a similar situation to Energinet, BizTalk360 could be for you.

“It was easy to get started with BizTalk360 and there are good guides that describe everything we needed. It makes a huge difference to us every day in monitoring the BizTalk applications seamlessly. They provide world class support – this is one of the best features, really.”

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