“We are very happy with the built-in dashboard and having the ability to set it up in our own configuration.”

Michel Nieuwkamp ,Senior BizTalk Developer

BizTalk case studies

Key Challenges

  • Required developer skills
  • RDP connections to access BizTalk environments
  • No overall insights/analytics into the environment

About COA

COA stands for Central Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers. It’s a government organisation based in the Netherlands that welcomes asylum seekers, helping them to assimilate to their new country or return to their country of origin. They are also responsible for connecting asylum seekers with essential services.

The problem COA were facing in their operations

COA manages a Microsoft BizTalk environment with two BizTalk servers configured on an Active/Passive SQL Server cluster as part of their day-to-day operations.

Before discovering BizTalk360, they were only using the standard BizTalk Administration Console. It was inaccessible for the majority of their team as the interface required developer skills. They relied on their most valuable developer to maintain and administer their system, and at the time this employee was also their only developer. This created a bottleneck.

They had to use RDP connections to access their BizTalk environments even for even the most trivial administration tasks during business hours, resulting in unnecessary security challenges.

They had no overall insight/analytics into the environment, and the team was not alerted when anything went wrong like host instances, receive ports, and orchestrations etc.

After a lot of frustration, they looked into BizTalk360 to address all of their BizTalk challenges.

It was easy to get started with BizTalk360 using the online documentation. Now, the basic administration tasks are done using BizTalk360. We are very happy with the built-in dashboard and having the ability to set it up in our own configuration.

-Michel Nieuwkamp, Senior BizTalk Developer

Finding the solution

Although they had System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) in a very basic setup to monitor their infrastructure, this wasn’t working well for them.

With pressure mounting to support new business applications, there was less and less time available for BizTalk administration tasks. They had to find a solution – and fast.

The COA were looking for an easy web interface that would enable their junior BizTalk Administrators to help out with basic maintenance. Though they considered different options, there was nothing else on the market that matched BizTalk360’s capabilities.

They had found the solution to managing their BizTalk Server.

How BizTalk360 helped COA overcome their problem

Discovering BizTalk360 was a godsend in solving their administration problems.

There is no lengthy installation or training required, and you benefit from the help of our trained support team to get set up.

Now, COA have the ability to instantly open a web portal which tells them everything they need to know about the state of their BizTalk environment. They view this as the most satisfying feature of the product.

They can easily check for running instances, and resume or terminate suspended instances – improving operational efficiency and uptime. An email is sent to a member of their team as soon as a warning threshold is crossed, removing the need to constantly monitor the BizTalk Administrator group hub page.

Why COA recommends BizTalk360

BizTalk360 has saved COA lots of time, and made the job of maintaining the BizTalk server much easier than it was before.

As a result of using BizTalk360, COA has better insights into their BizTalk environment. It’s far easier to give their application administrators restricted access – essential for security.

You also get amazing service from the dedicated BizTalk360 support team.

If you build your own system instead (as some companies do), you have to spend a significant chunk of your operational time managing it. This is frustrating and needless when your resources could be better allocated somewhere else.

With BizTalk360, you have none of this hassle.

Why you should consider BizTalk360

BizTalk360 is a very viable alternative to building your own system to manage your Biztalk server. It’s trusted by more than 500 companies of all sizes across the globe.

We are laser-focused on solving a single problem, and solving it really well — the problem faced by every single BizTalk Server customer in managing, monitoring and analyzing their BizTalk environment.

If you’re an enterprise company in a similar situation to COA, BizTalk360 could be for you.

… BizTalk360 is the best tool when it comes to monitoring for BizTalk Server Environment. Period!

Organisation: COA, Netherlands

Industry: Reception and Support of Asylum Seekers


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  • Monitoring

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