BizTalk360 v8.5 Features

Release Date: July 2017

BizTalk Server Host Throttling Monitoring

BizTalk Throttling is one of the complex topics, typically it will take skilled person hours/days to identify throttling condition. Now you can visualize + get alerted if there is a throttling condition using BizTalk360 instantly. In a normal scenario, the BizTalk administrator need to periodically log in to the system to see if the environment is healthy. However, we can clearly see a value in alerting the BizTalk administrators if the environment is suffering from any critical throttling conditions for a perceived time.

That’s exactly what we have done with “Throttling Monitoring”. We wanted to make the experience super simple and intuitive.

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Email Template

Fully flexible email template engine which allows you to define your own notification templates. You can use different templates for different alarms giving full flexibility. You can customize the colour of the email body, font, logo, background, footer background etc. You also have the option to create an email template with an in-built XSLT validator with preview options. Email template can be used in different alarms with light or dark theme.

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BizTalk-Server-Availability Monitoring

BizTalk Server Availability Monitoring

BizTalk360 can instantly alert you if one or all your BizTalk Servers has gone downtime in your BizTalk Environment. As a BizTalk Administrator, you need to make sure all your BizTalk Servers are up and running and processing messages at the expected level. Say, if one of the BizTalk Servers goes down and no one really notices it for a long period. In smaller environments (ex: 2 BizTalk Servers), it becomes super important to make sure your BizTalk Servers are up and running all the time to avoid down time or react to down time quickly.

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Azure Integration Account (access)

In an effort to support Hybrid Integration, we have integrated Azure Integration Account within BizTalk360 to view the Integration Accounts within the application. You can now access Maps, Schemas, Certificates, Parties and Agreements stored in Azure Integration account in configured Azure subscriptions.

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