Release date: 28th July 2021

BizTalk360 Version 10.0

The primary focus of BizTalk360 version 10 is improving the user experience and bring a fresh look to the entire application. Besides that, also a set of new features and improvements have been brought to the product.

BizTalk360 v10
UI overhaul & Improved UX

UI overhaul & Improved UX

Intuitively redesigned UI & UX to exceed customer expectations.

Modern tech stack

Modern tech stack

Built with Angular stack to scale with exceptional support to accelerate.

New features & Enhancements

Features & Enhancements

Loaded with customer requested features. You asked, we delivered!

Landing Page

The purpose of a collaborative landing page is to provide the quick status of BizTalk environments in a card style. Users may also see the BizTalk Group’s statistics information, view the BizTalk Group Topology, and manage licence activation.

BizTak360 v10 Landing page
SQL Server Availability

SQL Server Availability

Monitor your failover clusters and single SQL servers through the Ping or Telnet protocols.

Refreshed Interactive Dashboards

Refreshed Interactive Dashboards

The user experience of the widget graphical representation and it’s setup in all the three sections (Operation, Monitoring & Analytics) is improved.


Improvised the BizTalk group topology representation to visualize the processing, tracking communication between the BizTalk & SQL server nodes.


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Manage SQL server configuration

Different existing SQL server configuration sections were removed and brought a centralized place for easy management.

Schedule maintenance configuration

Users can control the Business Holiday calendar list in the scheduled maintenance configuration UI.

Secure SQL queries

Grant access to all secure SQL queries permission is introduced, thus allowing normal/NT users to access all existing or new queries.

Azure subscriptions configuration

The publish settings file is no longer required for Azure subscriptions configuration and the steps are simplified.

Card view

Card view

The card view layout represents the data in a structured way. The layout may be switched between Card and Grid view based on the user’s preferences.

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Enriched knowledge base

Article creation flow and editing of the article are enhanced to better manage the article and allowing users to generate articles using features such as Message Box inquiries (suspended service instances), the Advanced Event Viewer, and the ESB portal.

release v10 enriched kb

Pin to dashboard

Pin the results of suspended service instances and secure SQL queries as a table view to the selected operations/analytics dashboard.

edi ptd

Export to Excel & PDF

Users can download the desired results in excel and PDF formats. With the enhanced export all options, users can download different sections of data in a single file.

edi export options

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