Release date: 19th July 2023

BizTalk360 Version 10.7

10.7 version is bundled with exciting new features and enhancements! Monitoring the states of IIS web sites and App pools, BizTalk360 Log monitoring, review the usage pattern with feature usage report and preserve the UI action across board are the new features. Generate the notifications for a new issue, in the Up Alerts include the artifacts which were down, restart the host instances based on threshold violation and more enhancements.

BizTalk360 v10.4
SQL Server Availability

IIS – Website and App pool Monitoring

BizTalk360 monitoring enables real-time monitoring of IIS Websites and App Pools, ensuring their continuous availability. The system incorporates auto-correct actions to promptly address any identified issues. Furthermore, all corrective actions taken by the monitoring services are audited.

BizTalk360 Log Monitoring

By monitoring the collected BizTalk360 logs, users can effectively identify and troubleshoot any unexpected behavior that might arise in the BizTalk360 environment.

BizTalk360 v10.4 release
BizTalk360 v10.4 release

Preserve the UI Actions

Maintain the user control preferences like Grid Column Resize, Filter selections, window size and Toggle states. The UI control states are preserved in the application as in the last visit.

Feature Usage Report

The BizTalk360 monitoring service facilitates the collection of feature usage data , enabling users to access comprehensive feature-wise reports. These reports offer detailed insights into the overall usage of the BizTalk360 application, including information on configured features, the most and least utilized functionalities.


Check the latest enhancements

Administration Improvements
  • In ESB Exception management, Resubmit the messages with the Receive Location client credentials configuration.
  • Users are allowed to construct the nested filter conditions in ESB and Advanced Event Viewer.
Monitoring Notification Improvements
  • Generate the notifications for new issues in Threshold monitoring, based on the alarm reset option “When the new issue occurs”.
  • In the UP alerts (email, notification channels), the list of artifacts are included which were down in the previous monitoring execution.
Restart Host Instances Automatically
  • In the File Location Monotoring (Folder/FTP/SFTP) configure the Host-Instance automatic actions.
  • Restart host instances when threshold violation occurs.
  • Automated Tasks
  • Scheduled Maintenance

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