Release date: 6th Apr 2022

BizTalk360 Version 10.2

This version holds exciting new features and enhancements like BizTalk Audit Integration, Data Monitoring Calendar view, Twilio Notification support, Alarm User Access policy, Saved queries in search artifacts, etc.

BizTalk360 v10
SQL Server Availability

Alarm – User Access Policy

This feature allows the admin to define which alarm can be accessed by which level of users.

Normal / NT group users can view the alarms and their details in Manage alarms, Dashboard, Group dashboard, Manage Mapping, Data monitoring, Notification History, and Governance & Audit sections only if they have access to that alarm.

Data Monitoring Calendar view

Data monitoring dashboard calendar view holds the rich UI with this you can easily view the consolidated results of data monitoring schedules. This view facilitates you to easily navigate and plot the required data.

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BizTalk Audit Integration

Refreshed Interactive Dashboards

The Application, Artifacts, and Tracking activities audited in the BizTalk admin console are now viewable in the BizTalk360 governance and audit section in a well-aligned UI.

Saved queries in search artifacts

This feature holds the rich query builder which allows you to save the query which you used to filter/search the artifacts.

The saved queries are easily manageable and accessible by all the users who have access to the queries. The query results can be pinned for quick access.


Publish Analytics reports in notification channels

BizTalk reporting feature enables you to send the BizTalk and SQL server performance details as a report to email based on schedule configuration. This feature is now extended to support other notifications such as Microsoft Teams, Service Now and SMTP .

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Alarm During Maintenance

You can configure business holiday calendar or schedule for maintenance and maps the alarms which need to be still working during the maintained period.

Data Monitoring Span Across the Day

The Data Monitoring schedules can now be created with start and end time that can span across . Which allow you to monitor the data points span across the day.

Unmapped Application artifacts

This feature gives a glimpse of which artifacts in the environment is not mapped to any of the alarm for monitoring. Also provides the quick view of the artifacts which are not enabled for auto healing.

Dashboard responsiveness

BizTalk360 Dashboard is highly responsive , you can easily configure the widget or pull the predefined widgets and adjust the size as per your wish.

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Twilio SMS Notification

This integration allows you to view the status of the artifacts which are configured for monitoring , in Twilio SMS. You only need to provide the number for integration.

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Card view

Preserve User Preferences

The user selection for Layout (Grid/Card) , Dashboard view (light/Dark ) , Initial onboard (Dashboard/Environments overview page ) once choose that will be preserved throughout the application access.

NT Services monitoring (Startup Type and Logon As)

This feature enables you to monitor the start-up type and log on as a user for the NT Services running in BizTalk and SQL servers.

Monitor the NT Service start-up type by setting the expected start-up type as Manual, Automatic, Disabled .

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