BizTalk Server Monitoring Solutions (SCOM vs BizTalk360)

Monitoring a BizTalk environment was something that was often overlooked during BizTalk’s early years. As more organizations have invested in the platform, managing and monitoring BizTalk environments have become more and more important.

The purpose of this White Paper is to compare and contrast some of the capabilities that exist within the top two popular monitoring solutions (Microsoft’s System Center Operations Manager – SCOM and BizTalk360) and provide an independent view of the strengths and weaknesses of both the products for BizTalk Server Monitoring.

What’s in store for you?

This white paper will help to:

  • Realize the importance of having monitoring for your BizTalk environment
  • Categorize the monitoring requirements – Mandatory/Beneficial/Value-Add
  • Compare and contrast some of the capabilities that exist within SCOM and BizTalk360 monitoring solutions
  • Make an informed decision, whether to use SCOM or BizTalk360 for monitoring your BizTalk environment(s)

Kent Weare and Steef-Jan Wiggers are both recognized as industry expert in BizTalk server area and both have adequate experience setting up both SCOM and BizTalk360.

BizTalk Server Monitoring Solutions (SCOM vs BizTalk360)
About the author(s)
Kent Weare

Kent Weare

BizTalk Server/Integration MVP

Kent Weare began his career at a small Internet start-up before taking on a junior role with the local Provincial Government. Since then he has worked on projects for the Canadian Federal Government, a multi-national bank in New York City and integrated Health Care projects throughout Canada. For the past nine years, he has been employed in the Energy sector in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. He is very passionate about Architecture especially if it involves integrating different systems. Outside his core work responsibilities, you will see him actively participating in technology communities. He recently co-authored three BizTalk books and may be found speaking at Technology events in Canada, the United States and in Europe. He has been recognized for these efforts by Microsoft as a Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for the past eight consecutive years.


Steef-Jan Wiggers
Steef-Jan Wiggers

Steef-Jan Wiggers has over 15 years’ experience as a technical lead developer, application architect and consultant, specializing in custom applications, enterprise application integration (BizTalk), Web services and Windows Azure. Steef-Jan is very active in the BizTalk community as a blogger, Wiki author/editor, forum moderator, writer and public speaker in the Netherlands and Europe. For these efforts, Microsoft has recognized him a Microsoft MVP for the past 5 years.

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