Be a more effective administrator with BizTalk360

We have carefully redesigned multiple features to make you work more efficiently with your BizTalk environments.

650+ enterprises are managing thier BizTalk servers across the globe

SQL Server Management

No more switching to other tools. Access SQL Server queries and Stored Procedures directly from BizTalk360!

Execute SQL Queries and Stored Procedures

Create, save and execute SQL queries and Stored Procedures in a safe and audited way.

Set access permissions

Define what users can create, edit or execute SQL queries and Stored Procedures.

View query output in dashboards

Save your often used queries or Stored Procedures and show the output in dashboards.

Manage your BizTalk and SQL servers

View important metrics and control server resources without constantly having to setup remote connections!

Access resources like CPU and Memory usage

Use graphical views to understand CPU and RAM memory usage.

Stop/start/restart Windows NT services

View the state of Windows NT services and stop, start or restart.

Centralized Event Log viewer

Collect the most relevant Event Log entries and view them.

Understand the installed server products

Quickly have Windows, IIS, BizTalk, SQL version info at hand.

Consolidated Tracking Settings

Got lost in your BizTalk Tracking settings? Try the BizTalk360 Tracking Manager!

Keep the overview of Tracking settings

All the BizTalk Trackings settings in one screen! The Tracking Manager makes it much easier to keep the overview.

Bulk-wise enable/disable Tracking

With the Tracking Manager you can even enable/disable tracking BizTalk Tracking settings one by one or bulk-wise.

Manage IIS Server

View important metrics and control server resources with minimum interaction to remote server connections!

Administrate IIS Websites and App Pool operations

View and manage the App Pool and Website state (Start/Stop/Recycle) with access permissions. For security purpose, audit the states of IIS website and App pool operations (start, stop, and restart/recycle).

Visually analyze tracked instances

View the flow of tracked messages in a graphical way. Easy and fast!

Easily understand message processing

With the click of a button you can visualize how messages have progressed through the ports and orchestrations in your environment, and view their content.

Efficiently debug/analyze tracked messages

The visualized flow of messages help to understand where things went wrong. You can even generate PDF files to use the flows for documentation purposes!

Integrated Team Knowledge base

Take your support documentation to the next level by incorporating business knowledge in your monitoring solution.

Knowledge at hand when you need it

Create and link Knowledge Base articles to BizTalk Service Instances, Event Log entries, ESB exceptions, and more. This way, you always have the required documentation at hand when and where you need it.

Decrease your time to solution

With the Team Knowledge Base articles at hand, you don’t lose time by searching repeatedly for the same solution. If required, you can even link to your existing wikis or other support portals.

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