Deploying and managing your web services like Logic Apps and API Apps has never been easier, thanks to Microsoft’s Azure Services. But how many times in a day does your support person have to switch between tabs to monitor the performance of your Azure Services? BizTalk360’s monitoring capabilities will let you take care the health of your API Apps and Logic Apps, and (with Logic Apps) to automatically perform operational automation capabilities on the Logic App.

Monitoring Logic Apps

Azure Logic Apps lets you connect to different Azure services so that you can automate your responses to events. For instance, you can send an email whenever you add a new customer to Salesforce or post to Slack when a new GitHub issue is opened in one of your repositories. If you’re building critical workflows in Azure Logic Apps, you want to ensure that your Logic App is running as expected. With BizTalk360, you can now monitor the health of your Logic Apps. BizTalk360 goes one step deeper to perform operational automation on the Logic App to keep it on par with the expected state.

biztalk360 features
biztalk360 features

Monitoring API Apps

API Apps in Azure App Service offer features that make it easier to develop, host, and consume APIs in the cloud and on-premises. API Apps can specify a URL endpoint/multiple endpoints that return metadata for the API in Swagger JSON format. With BizTalk360, you can monitor the health of the API App as well as the configured endpoints. Monitoring API Apps in BizTalk360 gets as easy as monitoring web endpoints.