Easily move your alarms and monitoring configurations between two environments

Do you have a staging/UAT/testing environment(s) in your organization where there are hundreds of alarms configured to monitor different aspects of the BizTalk server? Imagine moving all those alarms into the production environment manually. Wouldn’t that be a painful process for your administrator to manually key in every alarm and its associated monitoring information?

To solve this problem, BizTalk360 brings the concept of Alarm Export/Import. All your alarms are exported as a zip file in just one click, and you can import them into your production environment.

Export your alarms in one click

Be it a single alarm or hundreds of alarms, it just takes one click to get all alarms in a single zip file.

biztalk360 features
biztalk360 features

Import your alarms

The alarm import process is a 5-step process where you can;

  • 1. Select the zip file containing alarm information
  • 2. Select alarms that need to be imported
  • 3. Map environments (BizTalk server, SQL server, SQL server instances)
  • 4. View import summary
  • 5. Result summary of import process

Export/Import with existing monitoring information

You can export and import alarms along with the existing monitoring information. For e.g., if your alarm is set up to monitor the artifacts (receive locations, send ports) of an application as well as monitor the disks and system resources of BizTalk server and SQL server, the same monitoring configurations can be imported into the destination environment.

biztalk360 features
biztalk360 features

Detailed Result Summary of Import Process

You will get a detailed summary of the import process – which operation was successful and which operation failed, if there are any exceptions during the import process, and the status of every artifact that was imported.