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BizTalk NoS Ultimate is a Visual Studio add-in for BizTalk developers that will improve the experience while developing BizTalk projects. The add-in can be installed as an extension to Microsoft Visual Studio and offers lots of useful functionalities (in addition to existing features) for developers by which they can save valuable time while working on their day-to-day activities and improve the productivity. BizTalk development is typically considered brutal, and we wanted to change it.

Why do you need BizTalk NoS Ultimate?

If you are a BizTalk developer,

  • How much time do you spend to test a pipeline?
  • Say, you have multiple environments running and the behavior across the environments are different, how do you make sure which environment has the latest version running?
  • How do you check for internal dependencies between different artifacts?
  • Can you easily find out what a complex orchestration is doing?

If you have trouble in these areas while building a BizTalk project (solution), then this is where BizTalk NoS comes to your rescue. BizTalk NoS solves the challenges you face during the day-to-day development activities.

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