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Upgrade to BizTalk Server 2016!

And get the Platinum Edition of BizTalk360 Free for 4 months

Why should I upgrade to BizTalk Server 2016?

Microsoft has released the end of support (both mainstream and extended) for all versions of BizTalk server. Microsoft is no longer offering mainstream support up to BizTalk Server version 2010. For BizTalk Server 2013 and 2013 R2, you are just one year away (2018). Therefore, this is the right time for you to upgrade to the latest version and enjoy mainstream support till 2022.

Additionally, being in extended support has a lot of disadvantages – chargeable incident support, no warranty claims, no design changes/feature requests! If you are already on BizTalk Server 2013/2013 R2, you need to keep in mind that these versions are not supported on Windows Server 2016 and SQL Server 2016.

BizTalk Server 2016 comes with some cool new features like SQL AlwaysOn, SAP connector, Ordered Delivery on dynamic send ports, and more that can be interesting in certain business scenarios.

For more reasons on why you must upgrade to BizTalk Server 2016, you can read this blog post.


So, what is the offer?

If you have recently upgraded to BizTalk Server 2016 or decide to upgrade to BizTalk Server 2016, you will get the Platinum edition of BizTalk360 (latest version) absolutely FREE for 4 months.

Limited time offer for every BizTalk 2016 Upgrade!

Get complete BizTalk360 installation, configuration, and technical support assistance for 4 months

No strings attached! You just need to update the product key after 4 months to continue using BizTalk360!

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