As a BizTalk Admin, you configure the environment, deploy and monitor applications. That’s not the end of the road! You are also forced to govern the user activities in the system – spending your valuable time investigating and prohibiting the trouble-makers. No, you do not have the luxury of downtime; you’ve got a business to run! Don’t worry! BizTalk360 will help you take care of the governing of user activities on the system. With BizTalk360 real-time live feed, you get notified of the activities performed by all users in the system in a single click.

Live Feed Pane

The Live Feed pane tracks each and every action of all the users in the system. Be it start/stop of an application, activate/deactivate artifacts in the environment, and several other changes made by all the users in the system. Live Feed helps you to govern user actions efficiently without compromising on regular activities.

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Set up your Live Feed Configurations

You’ve got options to define the refresh interval of the live feed pane, and how many activities you want to see on the pane. We’ll leave it to you to define these settings at your convenience. Moreover, you’ve got a simple option to avoid running out of disk space by automating the purge policy for live feed.