If you are the administrator/support person in your organization, how many times have you felt most tasks that you perform on a daily basis are purely monotonous? One best example could be downloading the message context and content information and sending to your team manually. With the standard BizTalk Administration Console, administrators/support personnel are stuck to manually downloading the message to a local folder, compressing it, and sending them to the concerned person. This is fine for, say 1 or 2 or up to a maximum of 10 messages. But if there are lots of suspended messages at a particular time (say, about 100), doing the above process for each message is tedious. Similarly, the case with archiving suspended service instances. Many times, before terminating the suspended service instances, you would prefer to take a backup of the message context and context properties. The only way to achieve this is by manually saving every message into a specific file/folder location.

BizTalk360 has evolved around the main idea of simplifying the lives of BizTalk administrators/operators/support people whose responsibility lies in ensuring the wellness of the BizTalk server environments. On these lines, we decided to make the life of BizTalk administrators easier by offering the “Operational Automation Capabilities ”.

Send Message Context & Content in Notification Email

The Operational Automation capability works with the Message Box Data Monitoring functionality of BizTalk360. It’s very simple – select the check box that reads “Send Message Context and Content in the Notification Email”. That’s it!

biztalk server Monitoring
microsoft biztalk Monitoring

Context Properties along with Payload

Define context properties to be listed in the email notification along with the message payload (message context + content). Properties will be listed in a Summary CSV file.

Email Notifications

Receive the message payload in compressed format and summary CSV (with context properties) along with the message box data monitor email notifications.

biztalk Monitoring
biztalk server 2016 Monitoring

Archive Suspended Instances before Terminate

Ability to “automatically” archive message context and content information of suspended messages before terminating them; instead of manually having to save the context+content information into a file.

Number of Retries

Set up how many times BizTalk360 monitoring service should attempt a retry of the suspended (resumable) service instance. Minimum number of retries is 0 and the maximum is 10.

biztalk 2016 Monitoring
Monitoring biztalk server

System Settings

Of course, for the above to work, you need to make some specific settings under “System Settings” section in the application such as “Maximum number of email attachments in notification and Total attachment size (for Message Payload and Context Properties information), and Archive location for Data Monitoring (Archive before Terminate)