As enterprise networks become more complex, it becomes difficult for administrators to diagnose and monitor application performance related issues. In most cases, organizations would have made an investment in an enterprise-wide monitoring tool for their applications. New Relic is one such Application Performance Monitoring solution capable of monitoring web applications in real-time, and enabling users to diagnose and fix application performance problems.

BizTalk360 is now made available as a plugin within New Relic and from BizTalk360 v8.1, you get to view your BizTalk Analytics data (from BizTalk360) within New Relic. With BizTalk360’s New Relic plugin, you can use your existing enterprise-wide infrastructure to receive BizTalk related monitoring alerts.

Configuring BizTalk360 with New Relic

Configuring BizTalk360 with New Relic is a simple two-step process:

  • Copying the New Relic license key from the New Relic portal
  • Adding the New Relic license key into BizTalk360
biztalk360 plugin features
biztalk360 new relic plugin features

Viewing BizTalk360 Analytics data in New Relic

Get started with 5 preconfigured dashboards that displays the performance data of your BizTalk server. Each dashboard will display multiple charts that depict the analytical data retrieved from the BizTalk server environment. The different monitoring dashboards are;

  • BizTalk Server health
  • Host Performance
  • Messaging
  • SQL Server
  • Throttling