Managed Services

Manage multiple customer BizTalk environments from a central portal.
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Managed Services

For a consultant, managing multiple BizTalk environments across multiple companies or troubleshooting an issue at a customer location on ad hoc basis without being in front of their servers is much easier with BizTalk360 Managed Services. With very little configuration, and internet connectivity you can connect to various customer sites from a central portal in a safe and secure manner.

Easy 5 Step Process

Partners who wish to use BizTalk360 Managed Services solution can access any customer environment with 5 easy steps. No hassle of checking if correct VPN/Citrix token is being used or any other software configurations.

biztalk360 product features
biztalk360 product features

BizTalk360 Partner Portal

BizTalk360 reserves an encrypted portal to store all the customer site information, Partner Admin details and Partner consultant details for easy access.

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BizTalk360 has no doubt made life easy in terms of D2D BizTalk operation. So far, BizTalk in production environment is going smoothly with the help of BizTalk360. Some features such as auto healing , auto action on suspended messages, bulk ESB resubmission really reduced manual task. We always got proactive help and resolution from BizTalk360 support team. This is highly recommended tool for BizTalk users.
Anirban Kundan
Anirban Kundan BizTalk Consultant, Norway

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