Integrate 2014

December 3-5, REDMOND

Enterprise Application Integration

Integrate 2014, December 3-5, REDMOND

  • Scott Guthrie
    Dec-3, 09:00
    Microsoft Cloud – Enterprise Strategy and Roadmap

    byScott Guthrie

  • Bill Staples
    Dec-3, 10.00
    Application Platform & Integration Platform Strategy and Roadmap

    byBill Staples

  • Alok Jain
    Dec-3, 11.30
    Business Process Management

    byAlok Jain

  • Sameer Chabungbam
    Enterprise Application Integration

    bySameer Chabungbam

  • Harish Kumar Agarwal
    Dec-3, 14.30
    Business to Business

    byHarish Kumar Agarwal

  • Guru Venkataraman
    Dec-3, 16.00
    BizTalk Server Roadmap

    byGuru Venkataraman

  •  Nino Crudele
    Dec-3, 16.00
    Thinking like an Integration Person

    by Nino Crudele

  • Anurag Dalmia
    Dec-4, 09.00
    Business Rules Improvements

    byAnurag Dalmia

  • Mohit Srivastava
    Dec-4, 10.00
    Building Connectors and Activities

    byMohit Srivastava

  • Wee Hyong Tok
    Dec-4, 11.30
    Data Integration

    byWee Hyong Tok

  • Josh Twist
    Dec-4, 13.30
    In depth view at Azure API Management and Mobile Services

    byJosh Twist

  • Kasper de Jonge
    Dec-4, 14.30
    Power BI capabilities

    byKasper de Jonge

  • Alan Scott
    Dec-4, 16.00
    BizTalk in the Clinical Space : Innovate while Processing 60+ million transactions a day

    byAlan Scott

  • Kannan C. Iyer
    Dec-5, 8.30
    Investing in Cloud Integration at Microsoft IT

    byKannan C. Iyer

  • Michael Stephenson
    Dec-5, 9.30
    Hybrid Connectivity Options with the Microsoft Cloud

    byMichael Stephenson

  • Kent Weare
    Dec-5, 10.45
    What to look for in an Integration Platform

    byKent Weare

  • Paul Larsen
    Dec-5, 12.15
    Byram Healthcare dramatically speeds processes and reduces downtime using the Microsoft BizTalk Adapter for Informix

    byPaul Larsen

  • Sam Vanhoutte
    Dec-5, 14.00
    Cloud Integration patterns with Integration Cloud, an Azure based platform

    bySam Vanhoutte

  • Simon Barere
    Dec-5, 14.30
    Architecting Mobile Solutions Using Microsoft Azure and SOA Software: A Real World Case Study

    bySimon Barere

  • Andrew Slivker
    Dec-5, 15.00
    Extending BizTalk Server technologies with SOA Governance and Runtime management

    byAndrew Slivker

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