Most of the legacy or existing infrastructure that is designed to run continuously with ever increasing users and data handling are prone to system failure. Multiple hardware failures like CPU failure, memory failure and disk corruption requires hardware to be replaced and infrastructure to be upgraded after a specific period of time so that the performance and service standards are not compromised.

In these situations, having a good backup plan enables you to recover with little or no data loss. The only supported way of performing backup and DR in BizTalk server environment is by using the standard SQL jobs and log shipping capabilities. BizTalk360 comes out of the box with Health check tools to monitor and validate the health of the BizTalk server.

Backup/DR Visualizer

Easily configure your standby (DR) environment and get a single page view to check the health of your backup/DR configuration.

biztalk server health
biztalk server health

BizTalk Health Monitor

BizTalk360 integrates the 400+ rules in the BizTalk Health Monitor that validate whether the environment is in a healthy state. Schedule and allow BHM to execute at specific intervals and view the reports directly in the BizTalk360 user interface.