Searching for product documentation and blog articles is made easy

Got stuck with a problem while using BizTalk360? just click on the chrome extension and type your query in the “Search Documentation” box. You can get access to over 1000+ articles covering various aspects of BizTalk360 and over 600 blog articles.

Chrome extension search
Chrome extension support ticket

Create a new support ticket

With BizTalk360 Google Chrome Extension it is easy to raise support ticket directly from the extension. This option will come in handy if in case, you can’t find any relevant articles, you can easily raise a support ticket by simply filling in the form with relevant details and attach a screenshot if required and submit the ticket.

Managing multiple BizTalk360 environments

The BizTalk360 Google Chrome Extension will help you to seamlessly switch between multiple BizTalk360 environments. You can configure all the available BizTalk360 environments as various environments settings and navigate to them with a single click. If you are using an environment frequently, you can also set it as default.

Chrome extension environment