What’s new in BizTalk360 v6.0?

Published on : Feb 28, 2013

Category : BizTalk360 Update



v6.0 We are going to repeat the same statement “New release every 4-5 months once“. Our last release (v5.0) was back in 10th October (Release history). Once the product gets matured and start addressing the pain points then the users (customers, prospects, community members) drive the growth of the product. Whenever we give a presentation/demo we always receive one or two feedbacks or things that are missing in BizTalk360, we make a note and if we hear the same concern multiple times, we just bring that feature in the next iteration. We spent lot of time on smooth upgrade process, so the customer do not need to uninstall/reconfigure anything and it’s always in-place upgrade.  In this release few of the core features are actually exclusively funded by a big fortune 100 company, it’s much cheaper and efficient for them to help us build a solid product than doing it themselves. The deal is to bring everything back to the product (we own the IP) and only implement features that will be interesting to everyone (no proprietary implementation).  Above all they provided their own resources for testing and helped us through out the development process. That worked out great and you can see some cool major features in this release. Note: We are in the final phases of testing and v6.0 will RTM before 10th of March 2013. In this post we will highlight very briefly each feature we are bringing in, and in the next few blog posts we will go through in detail in-depth about each and every feature.

Major Features

  1. Search and Action on Artefacts (Receive locations, send ports, applications etc)
  2. ESB Exception management portal
  3. Custom SQL query complete rewrite
  4. Database Query Monitoring
  5. SQL Job Outcome monitoring
  6. Threshold monitoring window
  7. Scheduled monitoring downtime
  8. Support for SSL

Small Features

  • Pipeline properties can be viewed in the UI now
  • Basic Adapter properties can be viewed in the UI now
  • Active Directory custom path can be configured
  • Max Matches drop down values can be configured globally
  • Ability to add description to alarms, which will reflect in email
  • Monitoring dashboard will show the health status of background monitoring service
  • Proxy support for Web Endpoint monitoring
  • Installer improvement during upgrade

Security – User Access Policy enhancements

  • Ability to assign permission to Monitoring Dashboard
  • Ability to assign permission to Throttling analyser
  • Ability to assign permission to Backup/DR visualizer
  • Much fine grained permission for SQL queries (edit permission, list of queries etc)

Process Monitoring

  • Support for Dynamic Send Port
  • Support for 23-24 hours monitoring

Performance Improvements

  • Purge stored procedure broken down into individual small ones

Bug Fixes

  • Fix related to different Receive Port/Receive Location Name
  • Environment Sequence numbering
  • User access policy consolidation when user belongs to multiple groups and have separate policy
  • Fix related to Event Log monitoring text filter not working correctly
  • Fix related to Promoted property not displayed correctly when viewing context properties
  • “Not Configured” is ignored now, when one of the monitoring is configured.