We are presenting BizTalk360 at – BizTalk Summit 2012

Published on : Dec 3, 2012

Category : BizTalk360 Update



image After a very long gap, Microsoft is organising a dedicated BizTalk event “BizTalk Summit 2012“. The summit is an invite only and its not advertised anywhere outside the closed community of existing customers, partners, MVP’s and few more.  There is a limit of 2 attendees per company. It’s a 2 days event held at Microsoft Conference Center, Redmond, USA on December 10th and 11th. Most of the stuff are under NDA, so we can’t reveal more.

We are presenting at the summit

What’s exciting for us is the opportunity to present a full one hour session on 11th December, between 11:15-12:15pm. Microsoft has given this privilege to only 4 partners (from world wide), to present during the summit.  We are working closely with the product group people for a while on BizTalk360. They wanted to give us an opportunity to show Management and Monitoring capabilities of BizTalk360 to the existing BizTalk server customers and partners. If in case you are aware of BizTalk360 and never had a chance to look at it in-depth, this will be a great opportunity to see the end-to-end capabilities of BizTalk360 within an hour. I’m the one going to present, I guarantee the session is going to be 100% technical, without a single sales slide. The session structure is going to be 15 minutes slides (intro/background) and 45 minutes demos.

We are also Gold sponsors for the event

We are also one of the gold sponsors for the event so we will have a booth and some marketing materials available. If you are planning to attend the event, please come and say hello to us. See you all there in the summit next week. Depending on how much stuff we can carry, we will have some swags as well to give away 🙂