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Senior Software Engineer

Kannan – as we call him, is our Software Engineer with quite few certifications under his belt. He is responsible for developing elegant and user friendly solutions and leverages his expertise in front end and back end developments to craft business applications that drive towards outcomes and satisfy all stakeholders. Kannan is skilled at solving complex problems and enjoys applying his development experience in both technical and non-technical ways.

Outside office, you can see him spending most of his time with his friends. He’s the best cook on our floor. He can provide top quality lunch for our team at any given time. Believe it or not, he once cooked for 50+ people during the initial days of his career. Amazing, isn’t it? Having come from an agricultural background, he has this love towards nature & rain all the time. Loves music/movies, loves last-seat-bus-ride, loves to swim, Rajinikanth fan and a great mentor for his juniors. He says the secret of his success is that he surrounds himself with a diverse group and being in love with people.